Local and national regulation: practice and context

Guidance and information for local authorities and national regulators.

The statutory Regulators’ Code provides a clear, flexible and principles-based framework for how regulators should engage with those they regulate. Nearly all non-economic regulators, including local authorities and fire and rescue authorities, must have regard to it when developing policies and procedures that guide their regulatory activities.

Regulators’ Code

The first independent report below explores the issue of information sharing by regulators, while the second summarises the current evidence that supports how regulators should seek to affect the market behaviour of traders.

Local and national regulation: information sharing

Ethical business regulation: understanding the evidence

The perceptions survey covers regulations enforced at a national level in the UK and a local level in England and Wales. It provides useful insight into the attitudes of businesses towards regulation and the extent to which this is perceived as a burden, both in general and in specific regulatory areas.

Local and national regulation: perceptions survey

The first paper below explores 3 ways in which regulation can support growth, while the second considers how a better understanding of the needs of businesses could improve outcomes for regulators and those regulated.

Regulation and growth

Business regulation: business views

Further materials concerned with local and national regulation are available for reference in the following collection.

Local and national regulation: other resources