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Importing goods

Exporting goods

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Trading with the EU under the new rules, February 2021

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Published 23 September 2020
Last updated 18 February 2021 + show all updates
  1. Addition of link to webinars for EU businesses that export meat, dairy and fish from the EU into Great Britain.

  2. Webpage updated to link to 'Video explainers on 18 topics including importing and exporting, trade, data, and audit and accounting (BEIS)'.

  3. Updated to include links to the following webpages: • 'Webinars for importers of food and drink products from the EU to Great Britain' • 'Webinars for exporters of products of animal origin, live animals, plants and plant products to the EU'

  4. Addition of a link to the webinar "Navigating the Ireland / GB Customs Procedures & Documentation with Revenue and HMRC."

  5. Addition of link to webinar "Exporting goods from GB to the EU via the Short Straits". This will set out the end-to-end process required for exporting goods from GB to the EU via the Short Straits.

  6. Link to General Scheme of Preference (GSP) Webinar to take place on January 12 2021. The webinar is for businesses that have an interest in importing goods from countries that are classified as low income, low-middle income and least developed.

  7. updated links

  8. some webinars removed

  9. The page has been updated to highlight and link directly to webinar topics.

  10. Page updated to add link to the EU Transition Trader and Industry Online Forum, which allows you to ask questions about the preparations you need to make.

  11. Links added to webinars for businesses by sector.

  12. Addition of link to webinars for exporters of animals and products of animal origin to the EU.

  13. First published.