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New rules for January 2021

The UK has left the EU, and the transition period after Brexit comes to an end this year.

This page tells you what you'll need to do from 1 January 2021. It will be updated if anything changes.

Check what else you need to do during the transition period.

From 1 January 2021 the way we trade with the EU will change. To buy or sell from the EU you will need to follow new customs rules or you will not be able to continue to trade.

Join a webinar to find out what you need to do to make sure your business is ready.

Webinar topics

Webinars for businesses in Scotland

You can access these business-readiness webinars for Scotland on demand:

Videos on exporting and importing goods

Watch videos about trading with the EU

Cross-border trade forum

To ask specific questions about your industry regarding the end of the Brexit transition, visit the cross-border trade forum

Published 23 September 2020
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