Hazardous waste: premises registration – supplementary guidance

How to register premises in bulk, for multiple occupancy sites, mobile services, special circumstances and exclusions.

This guidance was withdrawn on

From 1 April 2016, you do not need to register your premises as a hazardous waste producer. This change affects the entire hazardous waste control system. You must follow the updated:

Hazardous waste producers need to register their premises every year.

For standard premises registration see Hazardous waste producer registration (England and Wales).

Who can register

It’s easier and cheaper to register online. If you need to register many sites, you can send all the details by email using the bulk application spreadsheet.

You can register your own premises. If you want to register someone else’s premises you must have their consent.


Registration method Fee per premises Payment by credit or debit card (not American Express or Diners Card) Payment by cheque Payment by BACS (banks automated clearing system)
Online £18 Yes No No
Telephone 03708 502 858* 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday £23 Yes No No
Email bulk application £18 Yes Yes Yes
Post £28 Yes Yes Yes

*You can also use this number for questions about registering. To find out how much calls cost, see call charges.

Bulk application spreadsheet

This allows you to register 5 to 2,000 premises.

See bulk application spreadsheet for hazardous waste producers.


To complete the bulk application form:

  • click ‘applicant details’, complete the information boxes and click ‘save’
  • click ‘registration details’ (or click on the registration tab at the bottom left of the screen) – enter the information for each premises
  • when you have completed all your premises details, click ‘validate’ – this will flag up any entry errors or missing information
  • click ‘main menu’ (at the bottom left of the screen) and then click ‘create return’
  • save the document as an XML file

Then complete bulk application form HWRB01.

Send the XML file and form HWRB01 to the email or postal address provided in the form.

If you want to create your own XML file without using the spreadsheet tool, first contact the Environment Agency and ask for the XML schema document for producer registration. This enables you to check your XML file is correct.

Telephone: 03708 502 858 (call charges) 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

Register by post

Telephone: 03708 502 858 (call charges) 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and ask for paper registration form HWRP01.

Multiple occupancy

If more than one business shares a site, for example within a hospital building, airport or enclosed shopping mall, each organisation that is a hazardous waste producer will need to register.

Within multiple-occupancy premises you can move waste to a communal storage area under duty of care controls, provided sufficient information for subsequent management and consignment is provided.

You need a consignment note when hazardous waste moves from the shared area, either separately or as a collective load. The original producer must be identified in part A5 of the consignment note.

Industrial estates and technology parks are not ‘multiple-occupancy’. Waste must be consigned when it is removed from each premises.


You do not need to register the premises where waste is produced, held or removed if:

  • less than 500 kg of hazardous waste is produced at the premises during any 12-month period
  • the premises is a domestic premises, and only produces domestic waste (other than when asbestos is produced)
  • the waste is produced by a mobile service where the service premises registration can be used
  • the waste is the result of fly-tipping at that premises
  • the premises is a ship
  • the premises is in Northern Ireland or Scotland

Special circumstances

There is further guidance about hazardous waste and premises registration and how this applies to:

  • highway and railway track network maintenance
  • utility infrastructure (like gas, electricity, water, and phone services)
  • waterways
  • forests and others areas of countryside
  • roadside vehicle maintenance
  • mobile healthcare providers (like ambulances, community nurses, GPs and vets)

Mobile services

A mobile service provides maintenance, repair, servicing or construction services at a customer’s premises. For example, a business servicing washrooms, or that repairs fork-lift trucks or services air conditioning units and, in doing so, produces hazardous waste.

The mobile service must consign their hazardous waste when it is removed from their customer’s premises. They must also enter a premises registration number on the consignment note.

If you are a mobile service business, you do not need to register your customer’s premises if both the following apply:

  • you do not own or occupy that premises
  • you produce less than 500 kg of waste at that customer premises during a 12-month period

If these conditions are met you must register your depot or head office. This is your ‘service premises’ and you use this registration number for the consignment notes from that customer premises.

If these conditions are not met you must register the customer premises.

If the customer already has a registration number for the premises, you can choose to use theirs or yours.

Published 9 April 2014