GUMCAD STI Surveillance System

Guidance on the collection and reporting of data for GUMCAD, the surveillance system for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in England.


GUMCAD is the mandatory surveillance system for STIs and collects data on all STI tests and diagnoses from all commissioned sexual health services in England. It is an electronic, pseudo-anonymised patient-level dataset reported by over 500 services.

Public Health England (PHE) co-ordinates and manages quarterly data collection, processing, storage and analysis of GUMCAD data on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

Data are:

  • reported quarterly to service providers and local authority commissioners
  • published annually as official statistics
  • used for the chlamydia detection rate (1 of only 3 sexual health indicators on DHSC’s Public Health Outcomes Framework)

All commissioned specialist (level 3) and non-specialist (level 2) sexual health services have a mandatory obligation to complete and return GUMCAD to PHE.

Further details on the development of GUMCAD are provided in this article in Eurosurveillance. Details on the levels of sexual health service provision are provided in appendix B of the Standards for the management of STIs (British Association for Sexual Health and HIV/Medical Foundation for HIV and Sexual Health).

The Sexual and Reproductive Health Activity Dataset (SRHAD) is collected by NHS Digital and further details are available on the SRHAD website.


These documents provide details on the completion, extraction and transmission of the dataset to the GUMCAD team at PHE.

GUMCAD: starter pack

GUMCAD: guidance for clinical staff

Accessing GUMCAD data

Information on STI diagnoses and sexual health services provided in England is available on:

Information and guidance on sexual and reproductive health at national and local authority level is available on:

Restricted-access reports for monitoring local, regional, and national sexual health priorities are available on the HIV and STI Web Portal (registered NHS and local authority users only):

  • local authority STI and HIV epidemiology reports (LASERs)
  • GUMCAD STI diagnoses and services reports
  • CTAD data quality reports
  • NCSP quarterly data tables
  • chlamydia: re-testing following a positive diagnosis report

The principles for accessing, storing and sharing GUMCAD data are given in the PHE HIV and STI data sharing policy.

Data request form:

Other data may be requested by completing the GUMCAD data request form and sending this to The data team will aim to provide the data within four weeks but this may be longer during busier periods such as after the annual data release.

Contact information

For further information, including access permission to the HIV and STI web portal, contact the GUMCAD helpdesk at

Published 19 December 2013