Genitourinary medicine clinic activity dataset (GUMCADv3) pilot

GUMCADv3 is the enhancement of STI surveillance through GUMCADv2 to include behavioural and partner notification data.

About GUMCADv3

The GUMCADv3 enhancement builds on the establishment of GUMCADv2, which has led to a major improvement in the national surveillance of STIs and is now an internationally unique dataset used to inform sexual health policy decisions and evaluate interventions. However, GUMCADv2 remains limited by a lack of critical sexual health information, such as:

  • unsafe sexual behaviour
  • previous attendance at other sexual health services
  • outcomes of partner notification

Public Health England (PHE) has therefore made the case to enhance GUMCADv2 through modification of existing clinic software systems.

GUMCADv3 pilot

The first phase of piloting was carried out between August 2013 and April 2014 at 6 sexual health services using a variety of software systems.

The second phase of piloting commenced in July 2015 and will continue for at least 6 months at selected Level 3 (GUM) and 2 (non-GUM) sexual health services.

Pre-exposure prophylaxis monitoring

In the UK, prescribed HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is currently only available for men who have sex with men through the PROUD pilot study, but the HIV Clinical Reference Group is considering the cost effectiveness and budgetary impact of a potential national PrEP programme. If such a programme is implemented, PHE will need to be ready to monitor and evaluate this intervention. It will be particularly important to monitor:

  • drug dosage
  • patterns of use
  • safety of PrEP (including development of resistant virus)

This will be collected in conjunction with the behavioural data in GUMCADv3 to monitor possible risk compensation behaviour in those using PrEP. To this end, a short PrEP monitoring module has been added to the GUMCADv3 specification and is currently being piloted at selected clinics taking part in the PROUD study.

Data submission and time scales

Only clinics involved in either pilot will be required to submit GUMCADv3 or PrEP data to PHE.

The data and information generated will be used to seek Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI) approval (in collaboration with the relevant BASHH clinician steering group). This approval will make it a mandatory enhancement across all Level 3 and Level 2 sexual health services in England. The tentative start date for implementation of GUMCADv3 is in late 2016 or early 2017.

Further information on the data being requested through GUMCADv3 is provided in the guidance documents below.

GUMCADv3 resources

Contact information

For further information, including access permission, contact the GUMCAD helpdesk at

Published 9 October 2015