Footwear labelling

Advice for manufacturers and retailers on footwear labelling.

You must follow special rules if you manufacture, distribute or sell footwear.

Labelling requirements

The label must show what material makes up 80% of:

  • the surface area of the upper
  • the surface area of the lining and sock (this means the lining of the upper and the insole)
  • the outer sole

Where multiple materials are used, the 2 main materials in the composition of the footwear must be shown.

Find out more about labelling requirements on the Business Companion website.

Responsibility for labelling


Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that footwear is correctly labelled and for supplying accurate labels that are not misleading.

If you’re placing footwear on the UK market, your authorised agent needs to be based in the UK rather than the EU.


Retailers are responsible for ensuring that the footwear they sell is labelled correctly.

If you know that you will be selling footwear imported from the EU, you should check the presence and accuracy of the labels.

Published 31 December 2020