Export ozone-depleting substances and F-gases: special rules

Licences and special rules for exporting ozone-depleting substances and F-gases.

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For ozone-depleting substances (ODS), see guidance on applying for a licence to import or export ODS and keeping records and reporting ODS.

For F gas, see guidance on reporting F gas you export.

To export outside the EU, what you need to do depends on whether you’re exporting:

Within the EU, you don’t need a licence or to follow special rules.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, how you export ozone-depleting substances and f-gases to the EU will change. You’ll have to set up an office in the EU or appoint a representative there. Find out what you can do now to continue exporting these products after Brexit.

Also check the import rules of the country you’re importing to. Talk to your importer or get help researching your export market.

Ozone-depleting substances

You can only export ozone-depleting substances (ODS) in certain situations, including:

  • HCFCs used for refrigeration, air conditioning, foam blowing fire-fighting or solvents
  • CFCs or CTCs for laboratory or analytical use
  • all ODS used as part of a chemical process to create another substance (‘feedstock’)
  • recovered, recycled or reclaimed halons stored for critical uses, for example in aircraft extinguishing systems
  • other special situations (PDF, 104KB)

Apply for an export licence on the European Commission website.

You’ll usually get a licence within 15 to 29 days if you’ve just registered or within 5 days if you’re already signed up on the system.

Attach a copy to your consignment or give your freight forwarder your licence number.

After you export

Every year you must report the ODS chemicals you’ve exported by 31 March.

You’ll need to:

HFCs and other F-gases

HFCs and other F-gases are also used in refrigeration, air conditioning systems, solvents and aerosols.

You don’t need a licence to export HFCs and other F-gases, but you must submit an annual report if you export 100 tonnes or more of CO2 equivalent.

This is 70kg of HFC 134a, or 25kg of HFC 404A. You can find out how to calculate the CO2 equivalent weight of other F-gases.

Send your annual report

Report the quantity of F-gases you sent in the previous calendar year by 31 March.

You’ll need to:

Get help

Contact the Environment Agency if you need help with ozone-depleting substances or F-gases.

Environment Agency
Telephone: 03708 506 506
Find out about call charges

Published 7 November 2016