Current Crown Commercial Service suppliers: what you need to know

Guidance for suppliers who already supply goods or services to the public sector via the Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

Submitting monthly management information

All CCS suppliers must submit monthly management information (MI) returns. You will need to use one of two online systems – Report Management Information (RMI) or Management Information System Online (MISO). Click here to see where you need to report your MI.

Guidance for RMI is available within the system. Guidance to the MISO process can be found in the documents below:

Your organisation may incur admin fees (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 12.1KB) if you do not submit MI returns correctly or within the agreed timescales.

Customer Unique Reference Number (URN) list

You will need to include the Unique Reference Number (URN) for each customer listed on the return. Download Customer URN List - 12.12.18 (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 3.63MB) the latest Customer URN List.

If you’re doing business with a customer who is not on the URN list, you can submit a request to CCS to have them added.

Please complete the add organisation request form (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 40KB) form and email to

Promoting your place on a CCS agreement

Suppliers are encouraged to promote the fact that their goods and services are available through a CCS agreement to prospective public sector customers. To request a copy of the supplier marketing toolkit which includes logos and guidance please contact your CCS agreement manager or email

Supplier management

CCS manages suppliers on framework agreements. A network of Crown Representatives also helps ensure the government is getting the best value for taxpayers from its contracts with strategically important suppliers.

Audit and assurance

An annual supplier audit programme is carried out to provide assurance to the CCS board and the National Audit Office (NAO). The strategy is agreed in conjunction with the NAO and a risk based methodology is applied to identify suppliers to include in the annual audit plan.

This programme reviews:

  • the accuracy, appropriateness and completeness of management information returns
  • the timely and accurate payment of invoices
  • the appropriate and accurate charging of customers making purchases under framework agreements

As a CCS supplier, your organisation is also required to provide an annual self-audit certificate confirming that you have robust systems in place to identify, record and report accurate and complete framework spend.

Expiring agreements

When the CCS agreement you are on is expiring or being replaced you will need to retender for a place on the new agreement. Contracts are not renewed automatically.

You can view forthcoming tender opportunities on the CCS procurement pipeline

Improving public procurement practice

CCS operates a Public Procurement Review Service scheme providing a direct route for suppliers to raise concerns about poor public procurement practice.

Bribery Act 2010

CCS expects its suppliers to put appropriate controls and procedures in place to ensure compliance with the Bribery Act 2010

Government Security Classifications Scheme

A new Government Security Classifications scheme was introduced in April 2014 making it simpler to classify government documents.

If you have any general enquiries please contact the Cabinet Office policy team at

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