Companies House Welsh service

We have a service for Welsh companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPs) who prefer to use the Welsh language.

Contact us in Welsh

Email or phone 0303 1234 500 if you have any questions on conducting business with us in Welsh. Ask to speak to someone in Welsh. You’ll be transferred to a Welsh speaker in line with our Welsh Language Scheme.

To make sure we correspond with your company in your preferred language send us an email, or write to the address below. Give your full name, the company name and number, and whether you wish to receive bilingual (English and Welsh) or English only correspondence.

Welsh Service
Customer Services
Companies House
Crown Way
CF14 3UZ

Telephone: 0303 1234 500

Filing company information in Welsh

We provide a Welsh language version of our online filing service and bilingual forms can be accessed using link on the company overview page.

Bilingual forms

You can only use bilingual (English/Welsh) forms if your company is a Wales company, rather than an England and Wales company. You can change your jurisdiction by filing form AD05 (or form LL AD05 for LLPs).

Documents you can send in Welsh without a certified translation

Welsh companies or LLPs can send us the following documents in Welsh without a certified translation into English. We’ll arrange for the certified English translation and the Welsh document with its translation will be placed on the public record at the same time.

  • a company’s memorandum of association
  • a company’s articles
  • a community interest company report
  • a resolution or agreement
  • a declaration of a community interest company
  • annual accounts and reports
  • revised accounts and report and any auditor’s report on revised accounts and reports
  • a document required to be appended to group accounts

Welsh companies or LLPs can send us a certified Welsh translation of any document you’re filing in English. This includes any that have already been filed.

Social media

You’re welcome to engage with us in Welsh on all our social channels. If you contact us in Welsh, we’ll respond in Welsh.

Listen to our Welsh service podcast (Welsh language only).

Watch our Welsh language videos on YouTube.

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