Charity Commission services: log in or get a password

Start or continue your charity's annual return or registration application, plus how to get a new or replacement password.

Log in to start or continue your annual return

Enter your charity number and password when prompted.

Log in to update your charity or trustee details

Enter your charity number and password when prompted.

Log in to continue an application to register a charity

Select ‘Continue an application to register a charity’ when prompted.

Request a new or replacement password

Enter your charity number to email your password to your charity’s main contact.

Charity advisers: how to submit accounts for a client charity

The charity must first authorise you to submit its accounts.

Once the charity has done this (it takes 1 day for it to take effect) and its accounts are prepared and agreed by the trustees:

  1. register to use this service - you’ll receive an email with login details and an 8 character password
  2. log in - you’ll see a list of charities that have authorised you to submit their accounts
  3. click on a charity’s name to upload its accounts as a PDF file

If you don’t see a charity you expect, ask the charity to check it authorised the correct email address (the one you used to register for the service) at least 1 day ago.

Published 1 April 2013