Change the details you’ve registered with the RPA

Use the Rural Payments service to make simple changes to business or contact details. Use an IACS 27 form to tell us about structural changes to a business.

There are 2 ways to change the details of a farm or other business currently registered with the Rural Payments Agency.

Use the Rural Payments service to make basic changes

Use the Rural Payments service to:

  • change your contact details
  • check and update simple business details
  • change the name of your business
  • give someone permission to act on your behalf

Only you can amend your personal details. However, anyone with the correct permission can amend business details.

Use the IACS 27 to make structural business changes

Use the IACS 27 form to tell us if you are making structural changes to a business currently registered on the Rural Payments service. This might include:

  • changing the business structure
  • adding to an existing business
  • splitting an existing business into 2 or more businesses
  • merging 2 or more businesses
  • a partner has joined or left the business

(You might also need to fill out an IACS 26 form.)

Use the IACS 26 form to tell us if you have more than 1 business

If you are involved in more than 1 business registered with the RPA, use the IACS 26 form to tell us about this. You can also use the IACS 26 form to tell us if you are splitting a business into 2 or more businesses.

What happens next

If you’ve made sturctural changes to your business, or you’re involved in more than 1 business, RPA might have to change your SBI. They’ll take into account:

  • the business structure
  • if the business or any business members have an interest in any other farming business
  • who is farming the land and applying for payment
  • the percentage shareholding
  • who has ultimate responsibility for long-term and/or day to day decisions and transactions between the businesses

If a customer has died

If a registered customer has died, their personal representative should call RPA on 03000 200 301.

RPA will ask to see a certified copy of the ‘death certificate’. They might also ask to see:

  • a ‘grant of probate’
  • grant of letters of administration
  • a form of indemnity (if the value of the estate is less than £5000 and you haven’t applied for a grant of probate)

Read more in the RPA's probate guidance (PDF, 76.5KB, 5 pages)

RPA will work closely with the personal representative(s) of the deceased to find out:

  • who can receive rural payments and make claims
  • who will receive BPS entitlements

They may also ask personal representatives to fill in forms or send other information. RPA will let them know when they call.

This could delay any rural payments that are due.

Get more information

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