CE-File system information and support advice

A guide and advice for people who want to file documents online at the Business and Property Courts, Rolls Building.

People wishing to file a claim in the Rolls Building can register to use CE-File and file their documents electronically, search for cases and order office copies.

More information about the Business and Property Courts.

You can file case papers online regardless of whether the case was started electronically or not.

CE-File can be used for cases in the different Business and Property Lists:

User name and passwords

To get a username and password to access the CE-File system, please follow ‘Register as a user’ on the CE-File home page.

How to use the system

CE-File is very easy to use, just follow these 5 simple steps:

  • access the CE-File system and register for an account.
  • ensure you select the correct court eg Chancery. Enter details of a new case or search for an existing case.
  • explain what is being filed and upload the claim form or documents in Microsoft Word or PDF format.
  • pay any necessary fees either by credit card or on account.
  • once accepted a case number will be created and you will be notified of it in CE-File and via email. In CE-File this will appear in the top right corner.

The maximum capacity is 50MB. If a document is too large send it in sections and make a note in the comments box.

If you are a solicitor firm or a legal professional, use of the CE-File system is mandatory and attempts to file documents by post, DX, fax or email will not be accepted.

Public searches

You can make a public search of the courts’ register and/or order office copies. You cannot file documents with the court using this service.

Security and data protection

The information you enter on the CE-File system is secure and has a high-level of built-in security based on roles and confidentiality tags. The solution is hosted by Thomson Reuters at an ISO270001 compliant data centre and it has been IL2 certified.


Court fees must be paid by credit card or via a fee account.

Civil and Family Court Fees

Paying fees via a fees account (PBA)

Help with fees

If needing help with fees please contact the court.

Get help with fees.

Amending claim forms and incorrect filing

It is possible to submit an amended claim form to the court through CE-File. If you are in any doubt or would like some guidance contact the court. Once court staff approve the claim a case number will be created and you will be notified of it in CE-File and via email.

Where a document is accidentally filed on the wrong file, the person who filed the document will need to contact the court for assistance as soon as possible.

Confidential papers

If papers are confidential, on the ‘Filing Information’ page, click on the arrow by ‘Confidential Reason’ and select from the options either Classified, Information or Other. On receipt, the court will review your request for your documents to be confidential. If accepted then the document/case will be highlighted in red. This confirms that the document/case is confidential. This does not replace the need to make an application.

Turning off email alerts

If you are getting too many emails from CE-File you can turn them off by clicking on the drop down menu under your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen, select ‘My Account’, select ‘Application Notification’ next to the ‘Notification Type’, then click save.

Locked accounts

If your account is locked, you must wait 2 minutes for the account to unlock before you can log back into the system again, or you can reset your password from the login screen.

Service availability

CE-File allows registered users to file documents 24 hours a day, including weekends and bank holidays. This will enable claim forms to be issued and documents to be filed in electronic format out of normal court office opening hours.

The only exceptions are:

  • during planned periods of system maintenance and upgrades when CE-File will not be available.
  • in the event of unplanned periods during which CE- File will not be available, for example, due to a system failure or power outage.

Urgent filing

It is the responsibility of the person filing the case to inform the court that the filing is urgent. When an urgent application is filed, the filing party will need to upload a letter with the document outlining the reason(s) why a case must be dealt with urgently. The filing party must also place a comment in the ‘Comments’ field stating that the filing is urgent.

Filing times and tracking progress

The court will aim to process work received as soon as possible. Once your files have been accepted by the court, you can monitor the progress of your cases and see the sealed documents by searching for them via the CE-File system.

Rejected filing

There are a number of reasons why papers may be rejected. It is usually that the form is has been completed incorrectly, scanned incorrectly, the incorrect fee has been paid or the correct supporting application has not been sent. If your file is rejected and resubmitted the next day it will be sealed with the date you resubmitted the document. Contact the court if this happens.
When issuing a claim the issuing party is responsible for updating all of the party details. If the relevant information is not included, the claim form will be rejected.

Support and enquiries

If you have a query regarding CE-File then please contact the relevant section to which your filing relates:

  • Chancery, Commercial and Technology and Construction Issue Team: 020 7947 7783 or 020 7947 6112
  • Insolvency and Companies Issue Section: 020 7947 6102
  • Insolvency and Companies Hearings (including Companies Winding Up): 020 7947 6731
  • Chancery Listing: 020 7947 6690
  • Technology and Construction Court and Admiralty and Commercial Listing: 020 7947 6826
  • Chancery Masters Appointments: 020 7947 7391
  • Rolls Audio and Transcript Section and Insolvency and Companies Office Copies: 020 7947 6148

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