Building Safety Programme: other fire safety concerns

Information and advice for leaseholders, occupiers and building owners about other fire safety concerns raised following the Grenfell Tower fire.

Advice for leaseholders

Leaseholders can access free initial specialist advice to understand their rights through the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE). The Secretary of State announced on 4 December 2017 that the government is allocating additional funding to LEASE to provide dedicated support for leaseholders affected by fire safety activities to ensure they are supported to understand the terms of their leases. Read more information on LEASE, including how to contact them for advice.

There are other specialists advisers who leaseholders might want to consult including:

  • Leasehold Knowledge Partnership (LKP) – an independent registered charity providing help for leaseholders on leasehold issues, including cladding. LKP also acts as secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Leasehold and Commonhold Reform.
  • specialist legal firms
  • financial advisers

There are also a number of other organisations or groups who leaseholders may want to consult including:

  • other leaseholders or residents’ groups in their building (may be able to provide information on the specifics of the situation and might be helpful in coordinating a response)
  • their managing agent, management company or landlord (will be able to provide information on fire safety of the building and provide a copy of the lease if not in possession)
  • Citizen’s Advice
  • First Tier Property Tribunal
  • their insurer (will be able to provide advice on how fire safety activities will affect their insurance)
  • their mortgage lender (will be able to provide information on how fire safety activities will affect their mortgage)
  • the Home Office Fire Kills campaign has a range of leaflets on how to reduce the risk of fire in the home and what to do should one break out – view the main leaflet, Fire Safety in the Home
Published 21 November 2018