BPS 2015

Guidance and information about the Basic Payment Scheme 2015 scheme year.

Common land

Read ‘How BPS 2015 payments are calculated’ to find out the livestock unit (LU) values for BPS 2015 for each common. There’s also an example of how the value of the common land part of the BPS payment is calculated.

The information on this page relates to the BPS 2015 scheme year.

For the latest news and information about BPS 2016, click here.

Payments for BPS 2015

Payment queries

If you have a query about a BPS 2015 or BPS 2016 payment that you’ve received, please fill in a BPS payment query form and send it to RPA

Financial discipline mechanism (FDM) ‘reimbursement’

Farmers with a 2015 BPS claim worth more than €2,000 will receive a reimbursement from the 2014 FDM fund. Read ‘How BPS 2015 payments are calculated’ for more information about the reimbursement.

Payments started in September 2016. The payment is called ‘FDM reimbursement’ on the remittance advice, which is being sent after a payment is made.

Scheme rules for 2015

Guidance about applying in 2015

Application form(s) for 2015

Other guidance

Published 2 February 2016
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