Arab Partnership Participation Fund

The UK government’s support for reform, tackling conflict in Middle East & North Africa.


The Arab Partnership initiative was established by the UK government to support countries in the Middle East and North Africa which want to put in the place the building blocks of more open, free societies, underpinned by vibrant economies. It works with host governments, multilateral organisations and civil society in support of these objectives.

This is underpinned by the Arab Partnership Fund, a programme that funds projects developed in partnership with people across the MENA region that support the UK government’s key priorities: building capable, legitimate and inclusive institutions and preventing conflict and building stability.

2015-16 Programme

Bidding is now open for the 2015-16 Arab Partnership Fund.

In 2015-16, funding will be concentrated on projects in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco, with some funding available for project work in Mauritania. Projects should address the overall Arab Partnership priorities of tackling conflict and building legitimate, inclusive institutions, but, within that, will also be required to meet the individual priorities of the country in question.

Potential bidders should therefore consult the Embassy concerned on exact bidding requirements and funding priorities, Details on contacting each is on the individual Embassy website, links to which are below:

Algeria - bidding window now closed

Morocco (and Mauritania) - bidding window now closed

Tunisia - bidding window now closed

The concept bid form that the Embassies will require is below.

Concept bid form (ODT, 39 KB)

Example of an Activity-Based Budget (MS Excel Spreadsheet, 52.5 KB)

Bids will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Relevance to overarching AP objectives and Embassy country objectives
  • Supported by analysis/strong rationale
  • Evidence of local demand/need
  • Project viability, including capacity of implementing organisation(s)
  • Project design, including clear, achievable objectives/outputs
  • Value for money
  • Consideration of inclusivity in approach (including gender, youth and human rights)
  • Sustainability
  • Potential multiplier effect

There is no minimum or maximum value for project funds.

Work in other countries in the MENA region may be able to receive funding from the UK Government’s Conflict, Security and Stability Fund (CSSF). Please contact the relevant Embassy to discuss.

If you have any questions, please contact

Past Projects

Please find below lists of the projects supported by the Arab Partnership in previous Financial Years:

2011-12 projects (PDF, 120 KB, 4 pages)

2012-2013 projects (PDF, 362 KB, 15 pages)

2013-14 projects (PDF, 279 KB, 12 pages)

2014-15 projects (PDF, 314 KB, 9 pages)

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