Apprenticeship funding rules for employers

  1. Contents

These apprenticeship funding rules and guidance apply to employers.

These are the latest rules (1 August 2019 to 31 July 2020)

If the apprenticeship started before 1 August 2019, view the funding rules for previous years.

View the funding rules in PDF format.

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  1. Introduction and purpose of the document What the rules cover and definitions of terms.
  2. Employers and apprenticeships: things to check Checklist for your apprentice before and during the apprenticeship.
  3. Programme eligibility What employers, providers and apprentices must do and can expect from an apprenticeship. Includes what an apprenticeship is, contracts, pay, recognition of prior learning and training.
  4. Who can be funded? How to work out who can get apprenticeship funding. Includes financial support for apprentices with additional learning needs.
  5. What can be funded? What you can pay for with apprenticeship funds. Includes English and maths training, support for care leavers and end-point assessments.
  6. Contracting and subcontracting The agreement between employers and their main provider. Requirements for subcontractors and resolving disputes.
  7. Paying for an apprenticeship When providers will receive payments, reporting requirements and agreeing a price. Includes employer contribution towards training (co-investment) and VAT.
  8. Apprenticeships funded by transfer of levy funds Sending and receiving apprenticeship levy funds. What to do when the total cost is not covered.
  9. Change of circumstance Changes of provider and changes in an apprentice’s personal or employment circumstances. Includes how these changes affect apprenticeship funding.
  10. Annex A: Eligibility criteria (who we fund) Who can apply for apprenticeship funding. Includes criteria for residency and citizenship.
  11. Glossary Definitions of terms.
  12. Contact us How to get help, support and send feedback.