Green Deal: energy saving for your home

Getting the work done

How you decide to get the work done will affect your options for how you pay for the work.

After you get a Green Deal advice report, you can:

Some companies provide all the services for a Green Deal package - assessment, finance and installation. You can choose to use a different company for each service.

Get a quote

Give a provider or installer your Green Deal advice report.

Providers will give you a quote and arrange the installers for you. Installers will quote to do the work themselves. A quote from a provider will include the repayment terms if you’re paying with a finance plan.

You can get more than one quote and you can choose which improvements you want.

You can ask the provider or installer if you or your property qualify to combine the Green Deal with these other schemes:

  • Affordable Warmth Obligation - help from your energy company to improve your home if you’re on certain benefits or a low income, or for certain hard-to-treat properties
  • Feed-in Tariffs - payments from your energy provider if you generate your own electricity (such as through solar panels or a wind turbine)
  • Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) - payments for generation and use of renewable energy to heat buildings
  • any scheme run by your Local Authority - contact your Local Authority for information

Agree the work

Pick the provider or installer you want to do the work.

The provider will write you a contract called a Green Deal finance plan if you choose to pay with Green Deal finance. The plan will contain:

  • an outline of the work that will be done
  • any financial help you can get from other schemes
  • the repayments and interest rate
  • information on other incentives you can access, such as Feed-in Tarrifs
  • information on warranties and guarantees

Your Green Deal repayments will be automatically added to your electricity bill if you have chosen to take Green Deal finance.


You can complain about your Green Deal.