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  1. General security guidance for controlled drug suppliers

  2. Transporting controlled drugs: guidance on security measures

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  3. Injunctions to prevent gang-related violence and drug dealing

    • Home Office
    • Statutory guidance
  4. Immigration statistics, January to March 2016

  5. Home Office response to the report on an inspection of the administrative review processes introduced following the 2014 Immigration Act

  6. Controlled drugs list

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  7. Home Office immigration statistics: user guide

  8. Policy and legislative changes affecting migration to the UK: timeline

  9. Immigration statistics, January to March 2016: data tables

  10. Right to rent immigration checks: landlords' code of practice

  11. Landlords right to rent checks: guide

  12. Workforce management information, 2016

  13. Circular 004/2016: Psychoactive Substances Act 2016

  14. Psychoactive Substances Act: guidance for retailers

  15. Psychoactive Substances Act: guidance for researchers

  16. Explosives precursors and poisons: checklist for applicants

  17. Explosives precursors and poisons: how to get documents countersigned

  18. Government response to the review of the surveillance camera code of practice

    • Home Office and SCC
    • Correspondence
  19. Policing and Crime Bill: overarching documents

  20. Medical information sharing

  21. Counting rules for recorded crime

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  22. Home Office retention and disposal standards

    • Home Office
    • Transparency data
  23. Precursor chemicals wallchart for domestic licensing

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  24. Circular 003/2016: police pension schemes (England and Wales)

  25. Internet access for detainees

  26. Reporting and communicating out of hour incidents

  27. Home Office major projects: appointment letters for Senior Responsible Owners

  28. Home Office register of forensic pathologists

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  29. Precursor chemical import and export authorisation wallchart

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  30. Emeritus forensic pathologists register

    • Home Office
    • Guidance
  31. Female genital mutilation: resource pack

  32. UK anti-corruption plan

    • BIS and Home Office
    • Policy paper
  33. UK anti-corruption plan: progress update

    • Cabinet Office and Home Office
    • Policy paper
  34. National Crime Agency Remuneration Review Body 3rd report: 2016

    • Home Office, OME, NCA and NCARRB
    • Independent report
  35. Home Office prompt payment data 2015 to 2016

    • Home Office
    • Transparency data
  36. Detention and escorting: safeguarding children

  37. Drugs and Firearms Licensing Unit: staff list

    • Home Office
    • Transparency data
    • Part of a collection: Drugs licensing
  38. How to make a right to rent check: video

  39. How to make right to work checks

    • Home Office and UKVI
    • Promotional material
  40. Immigration Bill: part 2 - access to services