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  1. Response to ACMD: cannabis-derived medicinal products, 21 September 2018

    • Home Office
    • Correspondence
  2. Update to HASC on Windrush: August 2018

  3. Update to HASC on Windrush: September 2018

  4. Animals in Science Regulation Unit: newsletters

    • Home Office
    • Correspondence
  5. Circular 017/2018: Updated Home Office guidance on police misconduct

  6. Government response to the ACMD: Cannabis-derived medicinal products

    • Home Office
    • Correspondence
  7. Letter announcing an update to Grenfell relatives’ immigration policy

    • Home Office
    • Correspondence
    • Part of a collection: Grenfell Tower
  8. Circular 002/2013: amendments to police pension scheme

  9. Parsons Green incident: response to the Home Affairs Committee

    • Home Office
    • Correspondence
  10. Home Secretary letter to Guy Verhofstadt MEP

    • Home Office
    • Correspondence
  11. Letter to Caribbean high commissioners and foreign ministers

    • Home Office and UKVI
    • Correspondence
  12. Drug misuse and dependency: government responses to ACMD reports

    • DHSC and Home Office
    • Correspondence
  13. Circular 014/2018: Limited extension of validity of firearm and shotgun certificates

  14. Circular 002/2018: police pay award 2017-18 and temporary promotion arrangements

  15. Circular 015/2018: Criminal Finances Act 2017 - forfeiture of property

  16. Letter to residents following the Grenfell Tower fire: 15 March 2018

    • MHCLG and Home Office
    • Correspondence
    • Part of a collection: Grenfell Tower
  17. Circular 013/2018: selection and appointment of Chief Officers

  18. Circular 020/2012: Selection and appointment of chief officers from 22 November 2012

  19. Circular 001/2018: amendment to probation periods for constables and pre-entry qualifications

  20. Circular 012/2018: Criminal Finances Act: confiscation, enforcement, defendent's money held by a third party

  21. Circular 011/2018: Criminal Finances Act: confiscation reconsideration

  22. Circular 010/2018: Criminal Finances Act: further information orders

  23. Circular 009/2018: Criminal Finances Act: extension of powers and new assault and obstruction offence

  24. Circular 008/2018: Criminal Finances Act: extending the moratorium period for suspicious activity reports

  25. Circular 007/2018: Criminal Finances Act: sharing information within the regulated sector

  26. Circular 005/2018: Criminal Finances Act: forfeiture of money held in bank and building society accounts

  27. Circular 006/2018: Criminal Finances Act: disclosure orders

  28. Circular 003/2018: Criminal Finances Act: unexplained wealth orders

  29. Circular 004/2018: Criminal Finances Act: unlawful conduct, gross human rights abuses or violations

  30. Circular 006/2017: firearms controls

  31. Letter from the minister of state for policing and the fire service

    • Home Office, OME and SSRB
    • Correspondence
  32. Home Secretary's remit letter: PCC pay for the 2018 to 2019 pay round

    • Home Office, OME and SSRB
    • Correspondence
  33. Circular 012/2017: New former police officer and barred list regulations, an amended determination on retirement and amended Home Office guidance

  34. Circular 011/2017: A change to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 to control Methiopropamine (‘MPA’)

  35. Joint Fraud Taskforce Newsletter: edition 2

  36. Joint Fraud Taskforce Newsletter: edition 1

  37. Serious and organised crime local partnerships bulletin: October 2017

  38. Circular 010/2017: Guidance to local policing bodies on providing financial assistance to police officers and staff facing legal proceedings

  39. Circular 017/2015: employee and employer contribution rates 2015 to 2016

  40. Circular 009/2017: employee and employer contribution rates 2016 to 2018