Universal Credit and tax credits

An overview of how people who are claiming tax credits might be affected by Universal Credit.



This guide provides information on how Universal Credit affects tax credits, including what happens when someone claiming tax credits starts living with a Universal Credit claimant.

It includes information about:

  • reporting changes in circumstances in tax credit claims
  • how a tax credit claim is affected if Universal Credit is claimed
  • how a tax credit claim is affected on moving in with a partner who receives Universal Credit

Part of the Universal Credit toolkit for partner organisations.

Published 24 November 2014
Last updated 24 April 2019 + show all updates
  1. Amended the wording around tax credits eligibility and Severe Disability Premium (SDP).
  2. Updated guidance to reflect that new claims to Universal Credit can now be made by households with more than 2 children.
  3. Updated to show that Universal Credit is now available everywhere in Great Britain.
  4. Added information and link to Money Advice Service money manager.
  5. Revised version with new information about the roll-out of Universal Credit.
  6. First published.