Malaysia: tuberculosis test clinics for a UK visa

Where to get tested for tuberculosis (TB) in Malaysia for your UK visa application.



You’ll need to have a tuberculosis (TB) test if you’re coming to the UK for 6 months or more and both of the following apply:

  • you’ve lived in Malaysia for 6 months or more
  • you were living there (or another listed country within the last 6 months

You’ll need a TB test if you’re coming to the UK as:

  • a fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner on a family visa and you’ve been away for more than 2 years

  • returning resident and you’ve been away for more than 2 years

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Published 16 January 2014
Last updated 4 June 2024 + show all updates
  1. Updated details for Laurent Bleu Medical Clinic, Penang Adventist Hospital, UCSI Hospital and Normah Medical Specialist Centre.

  2. Updated eligibility details on who needs a TB certificate.

  3. Updated email address for Laurent Bleu Medical clinic.

  4. Added two new additional clinics: Laurent Bleu Medical Clinic and UCSI Hospital.

  5. Updated clinic details for Dr Ong Kee Liang - Life Care Diagnostic Medical Centre.

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