How to comply with Timber Procurement Policy (TPP).



Informs central government departments in England, the wider public sector and also suppliers about the requirements of the UK government’s Timber Procurement Policy (TPP).

Devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have issued their own policies and guidance.

This note sets out:

  • who is mandated to comply with the TPP and which products it applies to
  • what the TPP means for each stage of the public procurement process when purchasing timber and wood-derived products
  • explains the types of evidence which demonstrate compliance with the ‘UK Government Timber Procurement Policy, Definition of Legal and Sustainable for Timber Procurement’, 5th edition
  • provides model text which can be used in technical specifications, invitations to tender (‘ITTs’) and contract clauses

For more advice on complying with the TPP, see the collection of documents which include TPP policy documents, category A guidance and checklist, and category B guidance.