The Blue Belt programme

The UK government’s Blue Belt programme supports the UK Overseas Territories with the protection and sustainable management of their marine environments.



The Blue Belt programme supports the UK Overseas Territories to put in place long term protection. Supported by the delivery bodies, the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, and Marine Management Organisation, the programme is on track to put in place protection and sustainable management measures for over 4 million square kilometres of oceans around the Overseas Territories.

The programme was supported by nearly £20 million CSSF funding from 2016 to 2020; and has been extended to 2021 with additional funding of £7 million. The programme supports the Overseas Territories to:

  • improve scientific understanding of the marine environment to inform management

  • develop and implement evidence-based, tailored marine management strategies including surveillance and enforcement

  • ensure management is sustainable and long term

Published 24 October 2017
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