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Safe supplies: annual review

Annual review of the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and Public Health England (PHE) epidemiology unit's data and research activity.


Safe Supplies 2019: data in context


The NHSBT and PHE surveillance programme is a series of national schemes that monitors infection in:

  • blood, tissue and organ donors
  • transfusion recipients

This report provides an annual summary of the unit’s data and research activity.

Supplementary data, data sources and methods and infographics relating to the 2019 report are available to download from the NHSBT website.

Previous years’ reports and supplementary documents are available for:

The data shows the low risk of infection from blood transfusion in the UK, and can be used to compare the UK against blood services around the world. PHE and NHSBT use the data to ensure we’re using the best safety measures, and to provide evidence for further reviews of donor selection and testing policies.

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Published 23 September 2013
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