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Respiratory infections: laboratory reports 2018

A monthly report on laboratory confirmed respiratory infections in England and Wales.



This monthly report comprises 5 routine data tables:

  1. Reports of influenza infection made to PHE, by week of report.
  2. Respiratory viral detections by any method (culture, direct immunofluorescence, PCR, four-fold rise in paired sera, single high serology titre, genomic, electron microscopy, other method, other method unknown), by week of report.
  3. Respiratory viral detections by age group: weeks.
  4. Laboratory reports of infections associated with atypical pneumonia, by week of report.
  5. A link to the latest data on Legionnaires’ disease (pneumonic and non-pneumonic) cases in England and Wales, by week of report.

These reports are published in Health Protection Report.

For earlier data, see the Respiratory infections: laboratory reports 2017.

Published 2 February 2018
Last updated 2 November 2018 + show all updates
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