Report fraud about a company

How to protect your company from scams and fraud, how to report it and what we can do.



This guide covers information on:

  • how to protect your company from fraud
  • what we can do
  • who you should report fraud to
  • fraud and scams we know about
Published 24 November 2014
Last updated 11 October 2018 + show all updates
  1. Link added to report suspicious company activity.
  2. Highlight authentication code security.
  3. List of known scam domains updated.
  4. Guidance reformatted. Advice added on how to protect against fraud.
  5. New example of fake invoice added to known fraud and scams.
  6. Bogus letter scam added.
  7. Phishing email ending added to the list of scam emails.
  8. Guidance added on appointments and addresses being used without consent
  9. New scam mail address added.
  10. We've been made aware of some customers receiving phishing scam emails disguised to look like our eReminder requests. We've updated our advice.
  11. New domains added to emails not used by us.
  12. is not connected to, or endorsed by, either Companies House or GOV.UK and the fee requested is not required to keep the company registered at Companies House.
  13. New domain added to emails not used by Companies House.
  14. Telephone scam warning updated
  15. Scam emails list updated
  16. Company register payment requests updated
  17. Welsh translation added
  18. Company added to 'company register payment' section.
  19. Company added to 'company register payment' section.
  20. Updated advice regarding fraudulent 'Document Order' emails
  21. Updated due to new email scam
  22. New company added to 'company register payment' section.
  23. Information added on penalty payment scam
  24. Information added on suspicious job adverts
  25. Latest bogus email added.
  26. Information added about further support on property fraud.
  27. Company register payment scam added to fraud that Companies House knows about
  28. First published.