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Red squirrels and pine martens: licence to sell dead specimens

Get a general licence to sell dead wild red squirrels and pine martens (licence GL20).



With this general licence you can sell and advertise that you are selling dead wild:

  • red squirrels
  • pine martens

You must provide evidence with each sale to prove that the specimen was legally acquired.

You don’t need to apply for this general licence but you must meet its conditions and follow its instructions.

Records you need to keep

As these wild animals are normally protected you must keep records for 2 years from each sale. For the sale of every animal (or its part or derivative) you need to record:

  • from whom you acquired it
  • to whom you sold it
  • the species, age and cause of death (if known)

By 31 December each year you must send Natural England the details of any dead wild animals you’ve sold in that year that haven’t previously been sold. You should send the details by email to wildlife@naturalengland.org.uk. You need to state:

  • how you acquired each animal
  • the type and number of each species sold