Range advice notes

Clarify range safety or construction issues not directly effecting range safety.


7/11: fire risk in rubber granualte

5/11: simulated ammunition.

3/11: use of plastic timer on ranges

1/11: shoot house wall specification

03/09: cadet ranges

02/09: AKAMAS control measures


Range advice notes are issued from time to time to explain and clarify range safety or construction issues that do not directly effect the safety of a range.

Published 29 January 2010
Last updated 23 November 2016 + show all updates
  1. Added 01/16: Biennial works inspections of MOD range facilities.

  2. Moved RSN 02/14 and 03/14 to Range Safety Notices page.

  3. Added 14-02: range template controller in control of movement on parallel ranges or multiple units on a single range and 14-03: ban on civilian gun clubs using specific weapon/ammunition types

  4. Added new Range Advice Note 14-05.

  5. Added Range Notice 14-04 Implementation of the army operational shooting policy 2014

  6. Added Range Advice Note 01/14.

  7. Summary and detail updated

  8. Added new RSPL

  9. Added to series page

  10. New Range Advice Note added

  11. First published.