Range safety notices

New or revised safety criteria or parameters for ranges. Remains in force until either cancelled or incorporated into JSP 403.


8/12: dual use of ranges

7/12: blinds on grenade ranges

01/07: annex A


When it is necessary to issue either new or revised safety criteria or safety parameters for ranges in advance of the next scheduled change/edition or amendment to the appropriate volume of JSP 403, a ‘Range safety notice’ (RSN) is issued by the DLRSC. Each RSN remains in force until it is either cancelled or the content have been incorporated into the relevant volume of JSP 403.

Published 31 August 2011
Last updated 14 September 2015 + show all updates
  1. Added new Range Safety notices 15-03 and 15-04.

  2. Added RSN 15-01: eye protection inside markers gallery during automatic fire, RSN 15-02: use of steel targets on MOD land ranges.

  3. Moved RSPL 02/08 to Range Safety Policy Letters page. Added Range Safety Notices 02/14 and 03/14.

  4. Added new Range Safety Notice 01/14.

  5. Updated summary and detail

  6. Added to series

  7. Added new Range Advice Notices

  8. First published.