2015/16 Prosperity Fund South Africa: Call for concept bids

The Prosperity Fund in South Africa is now open for submission of project proposals. Deadline for project concept bids is 5 December 2014.



The British High Commission is pleased to announce that the UK Government’s Prosperity Programme Fund is now accepting bids for projects to run in South Africa and the Southern Africa region from April 2015 to March 2016.


The Prosperity Programme Fund is currently supporting 19 projects across Southern Africa with a total budget of £700,000, and we hope to do even more in 2015-16.

This Fund aims to support projects which create the conditions for global growth by advancing South Africa’s development in the realms of business environment, open economy, energy, climate change, illegal wildlife trade, education and science/innovation.

Partners are encouraged to propose projects which would positively affect South Africa’s

  • a) sustainable growth and development and
  • b) its relationship with the UK.

Priority will be given to projects which incorporate a creative approach, cooperation with peer organisations, collaboration across the Southern Africa region and communications impact (where appropriate).


The Prosperity Programme Fund in South Africa will support projects in the following areas:

Business environment: improving the business environment for foreign and domestic companies, and breaking down barriers to trade and investment. We welcome a focus on structural reform aimed at opening markets, cutting red tape, increasing competitiveness, building capacity in the public sector and enhancing dialogue between government, business and labour.

Open economy:

Promoting greater transparency and accountability, tackling tax evasion and encouraging trade liberalisation. We welcome projects with a focus on South Africa’s regulatory reform, transparency and anti-corruption / anti-bribery efforts.


Building transparent and sustainable energy use. We welcome projects aimed at helping up- scale renewable energy and diversify South Africa’s energy mix; building capacity and strengthening technical skills in the energy sector; exploring the development of shale gas, nuclear and CCS (and related infrastructure); and promoting UK commercial and policy interests in the energy sector.

Climate change / low carbon economy:

Driving a clean and low carbon transition, boosting green growth and helping to prevent dangerous climate change. We welcome projects with a focus on sustainable cities through innovation and public-private partnerships; developing models for enhanced green investment; promoting frameworks for climate legislation; and how to tackle resource stresses, including the food-water-energy nexus.

Illegal wildlife trade:

Protecting South Africa’s biodiversity from poaching and ending the illegal wildlife trade. We welcome projects aimed at increasing awareness and enforcement of existing bans on poaching and illegal wildlife trade; strengthening cross-border co-ordination and support for regional wildlife law enforcement networks; and supporting the development of sustainable livelihoods for communities affected by wildlife crime.


Contribute to South Africa’s economic growth and competitiveness through the development of human capital in alignment with the needs of the private and public sectors. We welcome projects which enhance the potential of South Africa’s education reform agenda by promoting teacher training and standards; supporting evaluation and planning; promoting UK-South Africa partnerships; and increasing best practice exchange between the UK and South Africa.

Science and innovation:

Stimulating UK-South Africa collaboration in research, innovation and technology and supporting investment into the UK’s tech sector. We welcome projects which enhance partnerships in R&D through industry and academia, including in the area of cyber security.

Bidding Process

Concept bids in these areas will be accepted from Thursday 20 November to Friday 5 December 2014.

Concept bids will be reviewed by the British High Commission in a first round, and partners with successful concept bids will be notified by Friday 12 December and asked to submit a full project bid by 4 February 2015.


Projects funded through the South Africa Prosperity Fund must:

  • Deliver measurable and broad-based outcomes
  • Demonstrate opportunities for UK-South Africa policy and/or commercial collaboration
  • Provide evidence of South African Government support

Funded projects will need to contribute to one or more of the aforementioned policy priorities, be compatible with the ‘Conditions for Growth’ (described below) and have a clear and measurable benefit to the UK.

Projects which help strengthen the UK-South Africa bilateral relationship by showcasing the UK as an international partner of choice and world-class destination for business, tourism and study are particularly encouraged.

Project proposals which are large scale and multiply impact with regional and co-partner elements are particularly encouraged.

Please note we cannot provide funding to support loans, capital costs or client purchase systems.


The purpose of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Prosperity Fund is to help to create the conditions for global growth. In South Africa we aim to achieve this by supporting South Africa’s transition to a sustainable, rules-based developed economy, through targeted, high impact projects; and increased commercial collaboration. These activities are an important element of the UK-South Africa bilateral relationship. Overall, the focus of the UK Prosperity Fund is on the following ‘Conditions for Growth’:

  • Openness: work that helps to consolidate an open, fair and competitive South African economic, financial and business environment which is attractive to UK companies – including through appropriate support for South Africa’s reform and modernisation agenda. And by ensuring a strong partnership between South Africa and the UK in support of a rules-based, free-trading international economic system which drives global prosperity.
  • Sustainability: Work that supports the transition to a low carbon economy and resilient energy markets enhances energy and resource security and which promotes science and innovation as solutions to global challenges.
  • Opportunity: work that helps UK companies win new business, and promotes education and innovation as drivers of growth. By promoting an education partnership that brings prosperity benefits to the UK and South Africa, and strengthens our long-term engagement. By developing a stronger UK-South Africa innovation, research and evidence partnership that has commercial, academic and societal impact.
  • Reputation: work that promotes the UK as a creative and trustworthy partner; a world class destination for business, tourism and study.

For further information, please visit or contact:

Sharon Chingwena for projects in Business Environment, Open Economy, Education and Science & Innovation

Vannessa Westcott for projects in Energy, Climate Change and Illegal Wildlife Trade

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