Pension Credit toolkit

Use this collection of advice, guidance, facts and posters to help older people understand how they could get Pension Credit.



This toolkit is for anyone who works with pensioners. Use it to help older people understand how they may get extra money every week by:

  • increasing understanding in your organisation
  • helping your customers to find out if they could get Pension Credit

Go to for basic information about Pension Credit and how to claim.

What’s in the toolkit?

For those of you who don’t have much time, we’ve included quick guides to entitlement and Pension Credit facts.

The toolkit also contains:

  • guides to help you understand Pension Credit
  • common reasons why pensioners don’t claim
  • ideas for events and dealing with the media
  • useful contacts
Published 16 August 2013
Last updated 14 November 2018 + show all updates
  1. Updated the guide to reflect that, from February 2019, an additional amount of Pension Credit is available for people who look after a child or qualifying young person.
  2. Published revised versions with new rates from April 2018.
  3. Published an updated version of ‘Pension Credit and help for disabled people’. And in the advice and guidance for stakeholders, clarified the income threshold for people over 65 who reached their State Pension Age before 6 April 2016.
  4. Updated to take account of changes from April 2017.
  5. Minor updates to the 'Pension Credit and help for disabled people' document.
  6. Replaced 'Charts to check who can get Pension Credit' with updated version.
  7. Updated the information about DLA in 'Pension Credit and help for disabled people'.
  8. Updated the Pension Credit toolkit document to take account of the changes from April 2016.
  9. Published revised version of 'Charts to check who can get Pension Credit'.
  10. Published revised versions of the help for disabled people, press article and press feature documents. Removed the reference to the full benefits check in the 'Other useful tips' section of the advice and guidance' document (because they're no longer available).
  11. Updated the advice and guidance for stakeholders with new figures from April 2015.
  12. Amended the toolkit to bring the amounts and dates in line with current legislation. Published updated versions of 'Pension Credit and help for disabled people', the press article template and the press feature.
  13. Replaced charts to check who can get Pension Credit with updated versions.
  14. First published.