Operational delivery profession: capabilities plan

This capabilities plan helps departments and agencies understand how to guide and support civil servants to provide better public services.



The plan addresses the capability gaps in the 4 areas vital to providing better public services by:

  • redesigning services and supplying them digitally
  • leading and managing change
  • improving commercial skills and behaviours
  • running successful projects and programmes

The plan also focuses on one other important area - customer service.

This plan complements the Civil Service capabilities plan.

Operational delivery profession

The operational delivery profession is the largest group in government, made up of 280,000 people – 7 out of 10 of all civil servants – who support and protect citizens in the UK and overseas.

These people provide the services that keep the country going, whether that is processing visas or driving licences, working in courts or prisons, or helping people find jobs or get their entitlements.

The operational delivery profession develops and supplies the learning, qualifications and opportunities to build individuals’ capabilities so that they become more skilled and provide a better service.

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Published 11 February 2014