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Non-tech. summaries 2015: projects on urogenital and reproductive system

Projects granted during 2015 that have a primary purpose of basic research: urogenital and reproductive system.



This document outlines the projects granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2015 with a primary purpose of basic research: urogenital and reproductive system.

The following projects were granted:

  • developing novel treatments for mitochondrial diseases (mitochondria, mitochondrial quality control, mitophagy, drug screen)

  • resource allocations and the cost of reproduction in animals (antioxidants, oxidative stress, reproduction)

  • regulation of female fertility in health and disease (oocyte egg ovary fertility)

  • (epi)genetic programming of growth and metabolism (growth, metabolism, epigenetics, transgenesis)

  • molecular regulation of mammalian development (genes, oocyte, development)

  • maintenance of genome stability in stem cells (DNA repair, germ cells)

  • neuroendocrine control of reproduction (pubertal timing, stress, neuroendocrinology, LH)

  • fertility control in wildlife (wildlife, fertility control, immunocontraception)

  • cystic kidney disease models and new treatments (cystic kidney, cilia, treatment)

  • establishment of early pregnancy (pregnancy, embryo, superovulation, oestrus)

  • pregnancy complications: targeted interventions (pregnancy, mouse, placenta, therapeutics)

  • development and differentiation of germ cells in birds (poultry, biobank, fertility, reproduction, germ cell)

  • regulatory RNA mechanisms in germ and stem cells (fertility, spermatogenesis, oogenesis & spermatogonial stem cells)

  • identification of critical factor(s) required for optimised embryo development (identification, critical factor(s),optimised, embryo, development)

  • assembly and function of the nuclear envelope (frog eggs, nuclear envelope)

  • foetal growth in the pig (pig, foetus, placenta)

  • tissue repair and scar formation in skin and ovary (wound, healing, scar, fibrosis, ovulation)

  • observing and studying how amphibian embryos develop (amphibians, embryo, experiments, training, students)