Non-resident landlords: letting agents application to register and to operate the scheme through branches

If you're a letting agent, use the online forms service to register or to operate the Non-resident Landlords (NRL) Scheme through branches.


Apply online (sign in with Government Gateway)


Who can use this online forms service

If you’re a UK letting agent or a UK letting agent with a number of branches, you can apply to register or to operate each branch as a separate letting agent if your branches act for an average of 5 or more non-resident landlords.

To register or to operate the NRL Scheme through branches, use the online forms service (you’ll need to log in to your tax account first).

If you can’t use the online forms service

Please use these postal versions if you need to authorise an agent to act on your behalf. Fill in the 64-8 Agent Authorisation form and post it with your Non-resident landlord application form.

Use the postal forms NRL4 to register your letting agent with HM Revenue and Customs as a member of the NRL Scheme.

If you’re a letting agent with different branches and you want each branch to be separately responsible for operating the NRL Scheme, you can use form NRL5 to register each branch.

Published 22 December 2015