High Speed 2 – guidance

No net loss in biodiversity calculation - Methodology and interim results

An explanatory report setting out details relating to HS2 Ltd’s no net loss in biodiversity calculation.



In line with government policy for the Phase One section of the new High Speed Two route, HS2 Ltd is seeking to achieve no net loss in biodiversity at a route-wide level.

The November 2013 Environmental Statement included a Technical Note Methodology for demonstrating no net loss in biodiversity Main ES Volume 5 Appendix CT-001-000/2) covering the methodology to be used in the no net loss in biodiversity calculation.

This report sets out further details relating to the methodology used to undertake the calculation, and a summary of the interim results.

The GIS data used to inform this calculation can be viewed on data.gov.uk https://data.gov.uk/dataset/london-west-midlands-environmental-statement-november-2013