Independent report

NHS Jimmy Savile investigation: assurance reports

Reports of independent oversight and assurance of NHS and Department of Health investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile.



The Secretary of State for Health appointed former barrister Kate Lampard to provide independent oversight of 3 independent investigations into the role of Jimmy Savile in the NHS and general oversight of the smaller investigations.

She has overseen the joint Broadmoor Hospital investigation by the Department of Health and West London Mental Health Trust and the investigations at Leeds General Infirmary and Stoke Mandeville Hospital to ensure a robust process is followed. She has also provided general oversight of the smaller investigations conducted by the relevant legacy Trust.

Kate Lampard’s assurance report provides assurance of 28 reports published in June 2014, including the independent investigations at Broadmoor Hospital and Leeds General infirmary.

Her assurance letter provides assurance of the 4 outstanding investigation reports published in February 2015, including the independent investigations at Stoke Mandeville.

The NHS Savile Legacy Unit, led by Professor Sue Proctor, was established by the Department of Health in July 2014. It has overseen and assured 12 NHS investigation reports.

Published 26 June 2014
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