NHS Savile Legacy Unit

The NHS Savile Legacy Unit is an independent unit established to ensure the quality and consistency of any further investigations by NHS trusts into new allegations of abuse or risk of abuse by Jimmy Savile’s activity on NHS premises.

The independent unit is chaired by Dr Sue Proctor who was the chair of the independent investigation into Leeds General Infirmary. Dr Proctor is supported by two of the independent investigators who worked on the Leeds investigation.

The Unit will provide assurance of new investigations by NHS trusts into allegations of abuse or the risk of abuse by Savile to ensure information is properly and consistently investigated by the relevant NHS rrust to the same standard as has been followed to date. The unit will provide independent quality assurance of investigation reports before they are published by the relevant NHS trust.

Read NHS Savile Legacy Unit terms of reference (PDF, 49.1KB, 1 page)

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If you have you have any information about abuse by Jimmy Savile on NHS premises, please contact the NHS Savile Legacy Unit: