Policy paper

Medical technology strategy

The government’s plan to support a thriving UK medtech sector and make sure the health and care system can reliably access safe, effective and innovative medical technologies to deliver the best outcomes for patients.



The UK’s inaugural medical technology (medtech) strategy sets out how we will ensure the health and social care system can reliably access safe, effective, and innovative medical technologies. The strategy builds on and supports the Life Sciences Vision to help secure the position of the UK as a global science superpower.

The strategic priorities have been developed in conjunction with partners across industry, government, and the health and care system to identify the priority areas:

  • ensuring resilience and continuity of supply of medtech products
  • supporting innovation and encouraging thriving, dynamic markets
  • developing enabling infrastructure
  • specific focuses on key issues and markets

Action on these priority areas will support delivery of the strategy’s vision for the right product, at the right price, and in the right place, and, the continued delivery of high-quality care, outstanding patient safety and excellent patient outcomes in a way that makes best use of taxpayer money.

Published 3 February 2023