Land system safety and environmental protection regulations

Provides regulations and defence codes of practice on what is expected in the management of safety and environmental aspects of land systems.



The safety and environmental protection regulations cover the safety and environmental protection aspects of land systems. It supports the MOD regulatory framework and sets out what is expected of all personnel with responsibility for managing the safety and environmental aspects associated with the acquisition, support, training, use and disposal of land systems.

DSA02.DLSR.LSSR and DSA03.DLSR.LSSR are intended to assist personnel in demonstrating that acceptable levels of safety and environmental protection are being achieved through-life for land systems. The Land Systems Safety Regulator (LSSR) regulates land systems through 15 defence regulations and these are set out in DSA02.DLSR,LSSR. Compliance with these regulations is mandatory. Defence Codes of Practice (DCoPs) and guidance (detailed in DSA03.DLSR.LSSR) are therefore included to assist with adherence to the regulations.

DCoPs describe good practice and if followed would be considered sufficient to demonstrate compliance with a regulation. However, alternative approaches may be utilised where this produces outcomes as good as those required by the regulation. Guidance provides additional material in support of regulations and DCoPs.

This supersedes Joint Service Publication (JSP) 454 has been superseded by the new LSSR Defence Safety Regulatory Publications (DSRPs) for land systems. JSP 454 should no longer be used.

Published 21 September 2017