Policy paper

Indonesia Regulatory Reform Programme

This Prosperity Fund programme aims to reduce poverty by strengthening the regulatory environment in Indonesia, to help create a better business environment.



The Indonesia Regulatory Reform programme will strengthen the regulatory environment, to overcome obstacles including:

  • a complicated regulatory environment, which can deter investors
  • difficulty securing finance for energy infrastructure projects
  • insufficient cross-government coordination and collaboration between public and private sector

The programme will work with the Indonesian government to set up:

  • systems and structures to improve central regulatory reform
  • tailored tools and guidance to support regulation

A supportive regulatory environment makes it easier to do business, encouraging private investment, start-ups, business expansions and new entrants to the market. This creates jobs, and promotes competition and innovation. Through reducing barriers for local and international business, it leads to economic growth, less poverty and more gender inclusion in Indonesia.

Published 19 December 2019