Business tax – form

Import and export: Movement Certificate EUR-MED (C1300)

Use form C1300 to record preferential trade in goods between the UK and participating countries.



This form is available to view here for information purposes only. Please don’t complete downloaded copies.

If you need a copy of this form contact the Excise and Customs Helpline.

Notice 827: European Community preferences - export procedures
Guidance on exporting goods under the EC’s preferential trading arrangements.

Notice 828: tariff preferences - rules of origin for various countries
Guidance on the rules of origin which must be satisfied if goods are to qualify for preferential tariff treatment on export or import.

Non-resident: United Kingdom/New Zealand Double Taxation Convention (SI 1984 Number 365 and Protocols) (Form New Zealand-Individual)
Use the New Zealand-Individual form to apply for relief at source from United Kingdom Income Tax and claim a repayment of United Kingdom Income Tax.