HS2 Phase One environmental statement volume 5: water resources

Analysis which has informed the water resources assessment for Phase One of HS2.



These documents have been published as part of the HS2 Phase One environmental statement for the route between London and the West Midlands. The environmental statement was produced to accompany the HS2 Phase One hybrid Bill.

This appendix includes:

  • preliminary calculations carried out for the rivers to support the hydraulic modelling reports
  • groundwater modelling carried out to assess the impact of tunnel portals
  • hydraulic modelling carried out to support the flood risk assessment
  • descriptions of existing flood risks and water resources and details of how Phase One of HS2 will affect these and explanations of how adverse effects will be mitigated
  • details of the route-wide assessment of effects on surface water and groundwater resources
  • maps showing the existing surface water and groundwater features

Further documents are also available:

Published 25 November 2013