Impact assessment

HS2 Phase 2a environmental statement volume 2: community area reports and map books

Volume 2 of the environmental statement provides reports and maps detailing the main environmental effects of HS2 in different areas.



This volume consists of five reports and their associated map books. The reports described the likely significant environmental effects of HS2 Phase 2a in geographical areas (known as ‘community areas’) along the route.

Each of the five reports presents the following for specific areas along the HS2 Phase 2a route, known as ‘community areas’ (CA):

  • an overview of the area;
  • a description of the construction and operation of the Proposed Scheme within the area
  • a summary of the local alternatives studied since November 2015
  • a description of the environmental baseline
  • a description of the likely significant environmental effects of the proposed scheme
  • the proposed means to avoid, prevent or reduce the likely significant adverse environmental effects
  • the proposals for monitoring, including measures during and post construction, and during the operational phase.

Each of the reports has an associated map book which includes:

  • construction and permanent features of the HS2 scheme
  • environmental baseline information
  • photos from selected viewpoints
  • significantly affected viewpoints during construction
  • operational airborne noise, vibration impacts and likely significant effects

A map depicting each CA along the route is available in the Non-technical summary of the environmental statement.

These reports and map books have been published as part of the HS2 Phase 2a environmental statement for the route between the West Midlands and Crewe. The environmental statement was produced to accompany the HS2 Phase 2a hybrid Bill.

Published 17 July 2017