Health and wellbeing boards: guidance

This guidance sets out the role of health and wellbeing boards following the Health and Care Act 2022. It replaces previous draft guidance.

Applies to England



The Health and Care Act 2022 (the 2022 Act) introduced integrated care boards (ICBs) and integrated care partnerships (ICPs) to the health and care system.

This non-statutory guidance sets out the roles and duties of health and wellbeing boards (HWBs) and clarifies their purpose within the new system architecture introduced by the 2022 Act. It should support ICB and ICP leaders, local authorities and HWBs to understand how they should work together to ensure effective system and place-based working, following the principle of subsidiarity.

This document replaces the draft guidance published in July 2022 and incorporates feedback from across the health and care system received by the Department of Health and Social Care. The guidance also includes case studies that illustrate how HWBs are adapting to the changes introduced by the 2022 Act and using their influence as leaders at place.

Published 22 November 2022