Policy paper

Government response to the independent Pregnancy Loss Review

Sets out the immediate actions government will be taking in the short term in response to the recommendations made in the independent Pregnancy Loss Review.

Applies to England



The Pregnancy Loss Review was commissioned to consider the:

  • registration and certification of pregnancy loss occurring before 24 weeks’ gestation
  • quality of National Health Service care

The review was led by 2 independent experts, Zoe Clark-Coates MBE BCAh and Samantha Collinge RM.

The review looks at options to improve NHS care for parents who experience a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy or a termination for medical reasons.

The review makes 73 recommendations, which are intended to support the government and the NHS in creating a forward-looking approach to improve the safety and care experience for all those who have a pre-24-week baby loss.

The government’s response sets out the immediate action the government is taking to prioritise the recommendations that it can begin to implement in the short term, while continuing to work with its system partners on those that need more time and planning to progress.

Published 22 July 2023