Energy Market Investigation (Microbusinesses) Order 2016

This order provides measures to increase price transparency for microbusiness customers and make it easier for them to switch supplier.



This order was made under the market investigation provisions of the Enterprise Act 2002.

The order:

  • requires retail energy suppliers to disclose price information on their own or third party websites
  • bans auto-rollover contracts containing specified restrictions on when customers can give notice to terminate or terms providing for the charging of termination fees if notice is given during a roll-over period
  • bans out-of-contract or evergreen contracts allowing termination fees where customers give notice to terminate

Compliance statements

Retail energy suppliers must submit annually a microbusiness remedy compliance statement to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The first remedy compliance statement is to be submitted to the CMA by 15 December 2017. Subsequent remedy compliance statements are to be submitted to the CMA by 15 December each year.

Further information is available on the energy market investigation case page.

Published 14 December 2016