Policy paper

DVLA privacy policy

This privacy notice explains how DVLA processes your personal data. In particular, it explains how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your data.



DVLA aims to comply with all applicable data protection laws when processing your personal information. These laws are in place to safeguard your personal information and include measures covering data security, your rights regarding your personal data, and the use and disclosure of your data.

Further information on the standards you can expect from us is set out in our personal information charter.

Published 24 May 2018
Last updated 27 January 2023 + show all updates
  1. Updated section 5 title to "When you apply to register or tax a vehicle". Information in this section has been updated to: "To collect Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and enforce against VED evasion (this includes the payment of penalties, out of court settlements and using automated number plate reader technology and wheelclamping)".

  2. Information added to pont 5.

  3. Para 9. When you buy a private (personalised) registration number: added how long your note of interest in a registration number is kept for

  4. Added that we may share personal information with other Department for Transport agencies.

  5. Added 'Section 16 - When you are an external visitor to a DVLA site'. Also, 'Who we are' in Section 1 has been updated to include the latest figures.

  6. Updated third paragraph in Section 14 - When you have a query or complaint.

  7. Private car parking management companies added to 'Who we may share personal information with Where it is lawful to do so',

  8. Amended para 2. Information we hold about you - to link to new form to make a subject access request

  9. Section 16: Added email address for DVLA's Data Protection Manager.

  10. Amendment to 'Why you must provide your personal data' within Para 3. When you apply for a driving licence

  11. Amended point 11, When you contact us about Clean Air Zones.

  12. Updated section 3.

  13. Updated section 13.

  14. Additional information added under point 1.

  15. Updated Data Protection address

  16. Updated sections 4, 5, 11, 12 and added a new section 13.

  17. Added a new section to the document under number 14.

  18. Additional information added at the end of point 3.

  19. Amendment to address for subject access requests.

  20. More links to privacy information added.

  21. New section 11 added

  22. Updated section 5 and added new section 11 (Charging Clean Air Zones).

  23. Updated number of driver records we hold.

  24. Update to DVLA privacy policy document.

  25. Updated information.

  26. Section 3 updated

  27. Privacy policy updated

  28. Update to Welsh version

  29. Updated information about V5C Registration Certificate.

  30. Introduction updated.

  31. Section 9: 'When you buy a private (personalised) registration number' - 'What information we collect' section updated.

  32. Trailer registration information added.

  33. Attachment updated.

  34. Added translation

  35. First published.