Apply to keep a vehicle registration number and put it on another vehicle (form V317)

Application form to keep a vehicle registration number (personalised number plate) and put it on another vehicle.




Form and guidance on how to fill in form V317, application to keep a vehicle registration number and put it on another vehicle (transfer). Or keep a registration number and put it on a certificate.

Online services

You can take a registration number off a vehicle online, and put a registration number on a vehicle online.

Use form V317 to transfer a vehicle registration number from one vehicle to another - the form includes guidance notes and information on where to send it.

You can transfer a vehicle registration:

  • from your vehicle to another one in your name
  • to a vehicle you’re buying
  • to someone else’s vehicle

If the number is being transferred to someone else’s vehicle, then both registered keepers need to complete the application.

Along with the form you’ll need to include:

  • the registration certificate or new keeper supplement with a completed form V62 (application for a vehicle registration certificate V5C)
  • the £80 transfer fee

If either vehicle needs taxing, include:

  • a completed form V10 (application for vehicle tax)
  • correct vehicle tax payment
  • an MOT certificate
Published 1 February 2012
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