Duncan Selbie's Friday message: 28 March 2014

This publication was withdrawn on 31 December 2014

Weekly message from the Chief Executive of Public Health England.



As we reach the end of our first year and prepare for our second, it is a moment to pause and reflect on what has gone well and where we need to direct more effort. We achieved a seamless transition and have dealt with over 10,000 outbreaks and incidents as well as major concerns such as the upsurge in measles cases among the cohort of teenagers with limited/no MMR cover post-Wakefield (levels of cover are now higher than they were pre-Wakefield).

Published today are the results of our baseline Ipsos MORI quantitative external stakeholder research and these are very encouraging, in terms of the high response rate as well as the findings, and of course there are areas where we need to do better, and we will.

This has been another important week for Healthcare Public Health. Our aim is improved population health through focusing primarily on people with a problem in common (whatever the structure and financing of healthcare).

Finally, the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies, yesterday published her annual report.