Corporate report

PHE stakeholder report: 2013 to 2014

These documents provide a short and long versions of Ipsos MORI's report, along with a short film about the results.



What our stakeholders think of us

The results from PHE’s first annual quantitative stakeholder survey are now available.

PHE commissioned Ipsos MORI to carry out the research, seeking the views of local authority chief executives and directors of public health, as well as leaders from other professional organisations and sectors.

The results provide a snapshot of stakeholder perceptions of PHE from January this year, and in the main the message is good news with a few key areas for improvement, and we commit to act on these.

View a short film summarising our results by Ben Page, chief executive from MORI and more detailed slides and bullet points.

YouTube film of Ben Page

Also view the short and long versions of MORI’s report.

Published 28 March 2014